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Welcome to the 2019 Young Farmers Conference! Please be sure to register for each session you plan to attend, as capacity is limited. Also make sure to edit your schedule if you decide you no longer want to attend a session so that others have a chance to add it to their schedule.

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William F Brinton

Woods End Soil Laboratory
Owner, Founder
Will Brinton is the inventor of the Solvita and the founder of Woods End Laboratories in Maine. He grew up in Pennsylvania, and attended agricultural boarding school in Ohio. He managed a 15-acre organic vegetable & goat farm in Maine, and trained abroad earning degrees while studying soil biology testing in Germany, comparative farm studies in Sweden and soil organic nutrients in Switzerland (Institute for Biological Husbandry Research). Unity Environmental College, awarded him a doctorate in Environmental Science for compost and soil biology efforts.

Brinton’s work focuses on whole-system cycles. Soil carbon moves via microbial respiration to plants via photosynthesis and back again into the system, but is never static. Broken links in the chain have been caused by modern practices triggering loss of soil humus and ill health effects. By retracing steps Brinton believes a new rigorous practice can arise that avoids pitfalls of imbalanced science.